About Us

About Us

Cyprocable Ltd. which was established in 1998 and engaged in the Near East Formation in 2015, is the only company engaged in the production of armoured cables in Northern Cyprus.

Cyprocable has gained an important place in the sector by manufacturing installation cables, flexible multi-core cables, antigron cables, flat-twin flat cables and 0,6/1 kV low voltage armored-unarmored energy cables in Northern Cyprus. With its organizational structure that keeps pace with the developing technology, it fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001: 2015 Quality Management System standards.

Cyprocable with approximately 2000 m2 closed, 3500 m2 open area in Nicosia Minareliköy Industrial Zone, continues its production with modern machinery equipment and its own expert staff.

  • To provide reliable service and quality products,
  • To increase our domestic and international brand awareness and to ensure continuity,
  • To provide a safe and efficient working environment for its employees,
  • To be a company that is sensitive to the environment and produces benefits.

To be an indispensable commercial stakeholder in the energy cable market with its wide product range, quality product and service understanding.

Customer Satisfaction

Sustainable Quality and Trust

Ethical Behavior, Honesty and Transparency

Employee Happiness and Teamwork

Respect for Human, Nature and Environment

Continuous Improvement