Cyprocable, one of the leading companies in the cable sector, has a branding process and new breakthroughs in its 2021 activities!

While Cyprocable has gained an important place in the sector by manufacturing installation cables, flexible cables and 0.6/1 kV low voltage power cables in Northern Cyprus, it is on its way to becoming an indispensable commercial stakeholder in the power cable market with its progressive vision in the circle of product, service, trust and quality with its steps taken according to the developing technology, investments and experienced employees.

Cyprocable General Manager Hasan Özbek made an evaluation of the half year of 2021 and made important statements on issues such as what has happened in the last year from dealership systems to export target, what kind of innovations will be in the future.
“By advancing with a sustainable growth strategy, we have experienced and are living a year in which we accelerated the competitiveness of our company and the TRNC with our quality, reliable products in our modern production facilities and contributed to the country’s economy by continuously increasing our market share in the sector. Despite the ongoing negative effects of the pandemic in which our country and the whole world faces, we have continued our work without slowing down in accordance with the pandemic rules with an effective management approach.

“By branding in the market, we have strengthened the image of reliable, high standards, quality products.”
Since the day our company was founded, we have spent a significant part of our earnings on new investments, working for quality improvements and branding processes. We offered our high standard, reliable and quality products to our customers by taking part in various projects with our consistent service level and taking references from the institutions that we are in business. We experienced a period in which there were no customer complaints in our product quality, and we saw a very high rate of satisfaction from our customers in the market we analyzed. We will continue to work to show the same success in the following processes.

An important step that affected our success in the 2021 half year was the commissioning of the dealership system by making new agreements in the TRNC, thus strengthening our sales network.

As Cyprocable, we have gained an important place in the sector by manufacturing installation cables, flexible cables, flat-twins and the first and only 0,6/1 kV armored-unarmored low voltage power cable in Northern Cyprus. Our customers reduce the stock costs in these products and quickly procure the amount of product they demand from our factory. By increasing our production capacity in 0,6/1 kV energy cables, we are proud of producing the cable needed by the TRNC and presenting it to the market safely”.

Özbek also added the following about Cyprocable’s working strategy; “Since the beginning of the year, we
have worked as foresightedly as possible to ensure that the rising costs due to the volatility of raw material prices and the rise in the LME value of copper to historic highs do not adversely affect our sales targets and that we can continue to meet the demands of our customers quickly, and we have concentrated on our business in a more disciplined way. We have launched our products to the market by keeping our internal motivation constantly dynamic and using our competitive power.”

We ensure the safety of our employees by being certified with OHS (Occupational Health and Safety) Certificate…
“Our employees have been informed by receiving the necessary support and training from the organization authorized by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security to provide occupational health and safety services. We give importance to the health and safety of our employees. We take the necessary precautions against all kinds of risks that may arise at the workplace, such as occupational accidents and occupational diseases, and we supply the tools and equipment that can help to fulfill the conditions in this regard.”

New Targets, New Projects from Cyprocable
Hasan Özbek, General Manager of Cyprocable, also announced the new targets planned to be completed in 2021 and said that new projects are also on the agenda. Özbek added the following about the planned exports to the Greek Cypriot region of Southern Cyprus;
“Our factory was inspected on-site by the Northern Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and it was confirmed that we have fulfilled the necessary criteria to be able to sell to South Cyprus under the Green Line regulation. We are negotiating with potential companies. We aim to export as soon as possible.

In addition, we will expand our factory with PVC granule production facility and start PVC granule production with new technology machine that produces PVC cable compounds such as insulation, filler, sheath of the highest quality. Our project has been approved and we expect it to be commissioned in the coming months.”