Cyprocable, one of the leading industrial enterprises of the sector, offers world-class production and service as the first and only armored cable manufacturing company of the TRNC!

Cyprocable LTD., which was established within the body of Sanayi Holding in 1975 and joined the Near East Establishment with the privatization of the company in 1988, is an important industrial enterprise that produces the first and only armored cables in Northern Cyprus.

The production journey that started with installation cables since the establishment of Cyprocable continues with the production of multi-core flexible cables, antigron cables, flat-twin flat cables with protective conductors, low-voltage armored and unarmored energy cables.

Cyprocable, which has gained an important place in the sector by manufacturing installation cables, flexible cables and 0.6/1 kV low voltage power cables in Northern Cyprus, is on its way to becoming an indispensable commercial stakeholder in the energy cable market by maintaining its progressive vision in the circle of product, service, trust and quality with the steps it has taken according to the developing technology, its investments and experienced employees.

Keeping quality and reliability before anything else, Cyprocable provides services by undertaking to fulfill the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System standards and to continuously improve the effectiveness of its objectives.

The company acts with the awareness of teamwork with all employees, suppliers and subcontractors and supports the important leg of quality management.

Today, in the Haspolat Industrial Zone of Nicosia, Cyprocable has an indoor area of approximately 2000 m2 and an open area of 3500 m2 continues its production of 0,6/1 kV armored unarmored low voltage cable, single core installation cables, multi-core flexible round flat cables, flat twin cables in modern production lines with trained employees, each of whom is an expert in his field.

The cable that illuminates Cyprus with its energy…
Cyprocable, by taking part in many projects of institutions such as Cyprus Turkish Electricity Authority, Near East University Hospital, Near East Educational Institutions, Near East Bank, serves to its customers the standard, reliable and high-quality products.

Cyprocable, which has been using a significant part of its earnings for new investments, quality improvements and branding processes since the day it was founded, has contributed to the TRNC economy today by taking part in the cable sector with the reference it receives from the most important institutions of the island and the service quality.

Cyprocable General Manager Hasan Özbek underlined that they are a highly competitive company:
“Based on customer satisfaction, we continue our mission to meet customer technical conditions in the best way, to provide products and services on time, to continuously increase efficiency and market share, to always maintain our place in the sector, to be an innovative, guiding and preferred company that contributes to the country’s economy by increasing its market share in the sector with our activities in the field of production.”

Özbek also stated that they are strengthening the sales network with the dealership system;
“We will make new agreements in the TRNC and put the dealership system into operation in the coming period. By advancing with a sustainable growth strategy, we aim to accelerate the competitiveness of our company and the TRNC with our quality, reliable products in modern production facilities.” “We produce according to the standard by choosing high quality and right raw materials.”

Cyprocable meticulously carries out all the necessary tests in its equipped quality laboratory from the raw material entry through the production phase. Copper, which is an important component of the cable, is used by selecting high-quality wire rods made of cathode copper with a minimum purity of 99.95%.  Since the use of a poor quality and impure conductor will cause the cable to overheat and therefore reduce the current carrying capacity, increase losses and operating costs, shorten the cable life, and increase the risk of failure and fire, our company carefully selects the raw material suppliers and makes the best quality production with the right product.

In addition, with the automatic coil machine, fast and accurate length packaging is carried out to our customers on time.

Cyprocable General Manager Hasan Özbek provided important detailed information about the products used in cable production:
“Our primary goal is to eliminate the perception that every cable is the same. The structure of the cable conductor may differ according to what material it is made of. The physical and chemical properties of the conductors to be used in the relevant standards, their types and minimum values for production are specified. For example, according to TS EN 50525 standard, it is mandatory to use the conductor as copper in 450 / 750V low voltage power cables. Aluminum or copper-coated aluminum conductor (CCA-Copper Coated Aluminum) cannot be used in this type of cable. Otherwise, the cable may overheat or break due to the difference in both conductor resistance and physical properties. Therefore, conductor and system losses, as well as short-circuit and fire risks may increase. There are products on the market that say CCA in the case marking and are sold. These products should never be used.

As a result of the determinations made on the products collected from the market, we see that some products continue to be below the standards in terms of quality and performance. We inform our stakeholders to increase the awareness that not every cable is the same and to pay attention to choosing a product that will provide safe, high performance and most importantly advantage in total cost when choosing a cable solution and brand.

It is necessary to avoid cables that are not produced in accordance with the standards called under the counter, poor quality, risk our life and property safety and that cable purchases should be made from reliable sources such as manufacturers or authorized dealers.

We started to examine the cables available in the market and to take actions on non-standard cables and to communicate with the relevant official institutions. Non-standard cables are both unable to perform their functions in a short period of time and can lead to electrical leaks and therefore fires. In this case, the importance of choosing a high-performance, high-quality and correct cable once again comes to the forefront.

We aim to increase the quality awareness in the sector with the struggle we have started against non-standard production and use, which is one of the biggest problems of the sector.”

Cyprocable factory is growing with PVC granule production plant…
Cyprocable is also expanding the plant to start producing PVC granules, which are prepared with special recipes for cables such as heat-resistant, arctic grade, oil-resistant, etc. With the new technology machine to be installed in the facility, it will produce PVC cable components such as insulation, filler and sheath of the highest quality.

Özbek also gave information about R&D studies; “In a short time, we will conclude our R&D studies such as the production of LSZH sheathed, flame-conducting, low-smoke density and halogen-free armored unarmored low-voltage energy cables and Solar Cables.”

Cyprocable, which gives great importance to the health and safety of its employees, takes the necessary precautions against all kinds of risks such as occupational accidents and occupational diseases that may arise in the workplace with the vision of “human first”, fulfills the conditions by supplying the tools and equipment that can help to fulfill these goals in this regard and raises awareness of all its employees.